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Our approach to B2B PR is different from other agencies; which is why we are one of the most awarded and respected B2B PR agencies in the UK. We deliver integrated online and offline campaigns that go beyond product-pushing to engage customers on the issues that are driving their business.

To us, B2B PR is not just about delivering column inches; it’s about delivering high quality content to highly targeted individuals that will change perceptions, create awareness and ultimately drive sales.

Our business to business PR experience encompasses a range of sectors, ranging from building materials through to machine tools, vehicle fleets, security systems, electrical engineering and water management.

Crucially, we understand that our clients’ customers do not make split second decisions. Their purchasing choices are considered, often lengthy and usually involve extensive research. That’s why we place as much emphasis on developing online content as offline content; offering your customers valuable information which encourages them to research, engage and ultimately buy.

B2B PR. An issues-based approach

B2B PR has moved on from mere product-pushing. Modern business to business PR plays a vital role in filling the sales funnel, engaging customers with industry-leading advice and solutions.

We position clients as consultants, able to advise customers on the issues that keep them awake at night. Most importantly we bring out the added-value that can justify premium pricing strategies and protect margins.

Our B2B experience includes advising on a range of highly technical issues, ranging from 5-axis machining through to internal drainage systems, grey fleet policy, pump efficiency and domestic heating legislation.

B2B PR. Content is King

Modern B2B PR must go beyond column inches in the trade magazines.  Our campaigns utilise a range of media channels from print, through to social media and search to ensure that our B2B clients are not only as front-of-mind, but also positioned as consultants and thought-leaders.

Our B2B campaigns utilise a variety of tactics to communicate and amplify the message, driving customers towards our clients’ websites to research the vital information that is necessary for them to make informed decisions.

Our content is designed to engage customers not just sell.  We use white papers, research, surveys, blogs, media relations and thought-provoking comment to raise awareness and make our B2B PR campaigns into genuine lead generators.