Our Work

Energy Crisis



To help EUA challenge the government on proposed energy policies to protect consumer finances as energy bills soar.

Specifically, WPR was tasked with delivering a bulletproof national media relations campaign to raise awareness of the issues and implications surrounding government policy on energy and renewable heating.


After a big splash campaign which used consumer research to uncover public opinion on renewable heating, we employed a comprehensive ‘always on’ press office to maintain momentum.

Mapping out key policy updates and reactive opportunities amid the ‘Energy Crisis’, we combined press releases, short comment and further research to secure national coverage and interview opportunities. Campaign spikes around key political concerns encouraged further interest in EUA press material, including a ‘Red Wall’ campaign using research carried out with YouGov.

We surveyed 1,600 residents from red wall constituencies in the north of England to gauge their voting intention based on recent policies to alleviate the energy crisis, rising cost of living, and renewable energy policy. The results allowed our press office approach to be proactive as well as reactive, providing valuable insight to key journalists for their investigations into the energy crisis and its impact on the British public.


Over 10 months of ongoing work, WPR secured:

  • Over 500 pieces of coverage in total
  • 156 pieces of national coverage including The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Times
  • 53% of national coverage secured in target tabloid titles
  • Countless articles shared on social media, plus many organic shares on Twitter

156pieces of national coverage