Our Work

Introducing Circulator Pumps into the Green Deal


The Challenge

To lead a high-profile lobbying campaign to gain access for the pump industry to BRE decision-makers, and change minds about the inclusion of circulator pumps in the Green Deal. Leaving out circulator pumps was inexplicable, until we discovered that BRE was using data that was more than 10 years old.

The Idea

We ‘embarrassed’ BRE into action. On behalf of the pump industry, we drafted a series of blogs, feature articles and press releases, expressing outrage about the exclusion of circulator pumps and accusing BRE of being negligent in using old data.

The Results

  • Our work secured 24 pieces of coverage over a three-month period, in 12 different titles
  • Within 10 days of the first coverage, BRE had contacted the leader of the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association’s circulator pumps group to ask for a meeting
  • Within three months, circulator pumps had been included in the Green Deal